Buy The Unique And Cute Louis Vuitton’s Tricolour Capucines For Your Summer Holidays

By | August 6, 2016

For Spring/Summer 2016, the Capucines now comes in a beautiful pastel tri-coloured version, which I’m really smitten by. Granted, it ain’t really my usual kinda style because this is more Lady Chic than I’m used to, but I’m drawn to the colours anyway!


I have to admit, I’ve never really been a fan of the Louis Vuitton logo because of the ubiquitous monogram that sprouted the logo mania era. I really only ever started taking a liking to Vuitton bags once again quite recently, when the Capucines was introduced a couple of years back. I can’t really place my finger as to why, but it was possibly the understated LV logo against the leather that had a sort of peekaboo effect so it’s something you see, yet you don’t. And then came Ghesquiere’s revamp of the LV logo, which I LOVE! What do you think?


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