Closer Look At The Interesting Replica Celine Mini Tie Tote

By | June 20, 2016

The Tie Tote Online is the new ‘classic’ of Celine, it has been re-introduced in new colors, leathers and styles since is has been released. So far, it’s available in the large and the small size, but after the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, surprisingly, Celine has introduced the Mini version.


Kelly bought her Mini Tie Tote Sale in Pure Black and crisped calfskin. She noticed that the Mini Tie Tote is made from very high quality. The size is close to the Micro Luggage Tote, which is 10’ x 9’ (L x H).


The playful Quality Tie Tote is famous for its knots on the end of the handles. It partly inspired by the Phantom tote with its side wings. Actually, the side wings on the Tie totes are much larger, making it more practicable and easy to expand the wings for more space. It’s a timeless handbag and can be carried in all season.

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