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By | April 15, 2018


It was first-introduced during the Fall Winter 2016 Runway, but we have never chatted about it extensively. However, we did mention the pochette version, which was not included with a leather strap – shame! But anyways, let’s dive into the Hermes Baton de Craie Bag, it deserves your attention too, you know!

The Design


I’m still figuring out the name. Baton de Craie means Chalk Stick in French and this bag is indeed inspired by Chalk Stick. But what has that to do with the bag? Perhaps it’s the closure piece on the top. But anyways, this handbag is quite special as it is inspired by a Hermes piece from the 1920’s. Vintage-ish?

The Baton de Craie Bag is crafted with curvy round shape. The important is the leather as it feels luxurious because it’s made from Epsom Calfskin. This can be your next-great everyday bag because the style is streamlined, minimal and easy to pair with summer and winter outfits. Isn’t that called timeless?

The center features the masterpiece, which is a silver – palladium plated closure (perhaps there is also a gold version, or in the future). It comes with a long leather strap for cross body carry and of course, also shoulder carry. But the body is quite unique if you take look at the side. The bottom is chubbier than the top just like a wine bottle.

The Interior

This bag fits all your basic essentials that are need to survive on daily basis. And maybe there is still room for some extra’s. This is not an oversized handbag, but are you looking for one as an everyday bag?

The Prices And Sizes

The small size measures 11.9’ x 12.6’ x 3.1’ (L x H x D) inches, priced at $6300 USD via Hermes Bags Egypt Replica boutiques.

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The 45 is a travel Birkin with marginally longer straps. There’s also a similar bag known as a Haut au Courries (abbreviated as HAC – that means High Belts in French) that is slightly taller with shorter straps. The Kelly is a enviable and infrequent bag. Like its muse, Grace Kelly, this tote is the definition of classic elegance. The initial prototype for this bag dates back to 1892 when Hermes Kelly Bag 50 Replica developed a large bag to maintain a saddle; the prototype was modified over the decades but the Kelly sold by Hermes now is much like the Sac a Depeches introduced in the 1930s. Back in 1954, Grace Kelly has been given the tote to use from the Hitchcock movie “To Catch A Thief”. She wore it frequently after her marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco – it had been dubbed the Kelly bag. It was formally known as the Kelly in 1977. Unlike other handbags, one craftsman works on a single bag at one time with the construction of each Kelly bag swallowing a whopping 18 hours. Hermes introduced shoulder straps as standard equipment in the 1980’s. Prior to that, Hermes would special order a strap. In 2000, the double loop metal strap holder has been added. Kelly bags are investment, quality luxury items meaning that they hold or increase their value of time.

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