Hermes Fall Winter 2018 Bag Collection Preview Buying Guide Replica Bags

By | April 15, 2018


It’s summer, which is the perfect season to prepare for the winter. Hermes O-bag Цена Replica has just unveiled a couple new handbags for the next collection. And oh boy, it’s obsession again. In this post, we will be talking about the top 3 bags from the Fall Winter 2018 Runway that we think it’s worth your time. So let’s start.

The Hermes Beach Bags Replica H Block Flap Bag


Before you decide to spend it all this summer, keep some budget for the end of the year. Because Hermes will be releasing a fresh flap bag that will make your brain go wild. It’s a curved-shaped handbag with a front flap. The shape reminds me of the Constance Wallet, but it features a new logo on the front. The logo is designed with 5 blocks, creating the letter ‘H’ for Hermes. The logo is also colored!

This flap bag comes with a leather strap for shoulder carry. The strap is embellished with the same color as the bag. And also, there are different leathers and colors available.

The Hermes Bolide 1923 Bag


Not long ago, we talked about the Hermes Bolide 1923 Bag. The Bolide 1923 is an updated and a modernized version of the original Bolide Bag. And for the next season, there will be even more fresher styles available. We’re spotting the Bolide 1923 Bag in soft suede. It will also be released with a boho-chic studded leather strap (so not only in leather). This bag is not only practical, but the classic design makes it the perfect choice for any occasion. How about as a working bag?

The Hermes Bucket Bag


Hermes entered the Bucket Bag market with the Sac De Pansage Bag. But it wasn’t enough to trigger our obsession to its max. So they have created a better version, a more luxurious version! Built with leather, embellished with stylish components yet maintaining a classic appeal. The Bucket Bag comes with adjustable handle, but we also think that it comes with a shoulder strap. Really exciting!

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The site for this replica Hermes company states they only create 50 bags a month because they use Hermes’ authentic hand sewn method to make the bags so it was nice to see how much dedication they show to the process of making the bags. I bought my bag in a natural tan color with golden hardware, and contrasting white stitching. You can see through the photographs of this bag I have taken the immense quality of the texture. The hardware is also very exact — it’s not real gold hardware (they say no replica company produces it using real gold hardware), but it is anodized which is good enough. I have compared the tote to my friend Michelle’s actual Birkin (she’s a big authentic Hermes set — blessed gal), and the gaps can not be seen by the naked eye. Here are images of my bag (prepare to swoon):I also went to the consignment site 1st Dibs and searched a Hermes Birkin at a similar comparison stitch color and found it to be actually sewn with much less maintenance than my replica. I found this really shocking because the bag is going for about $16,606 on their website and I paid $1400 for my Birkin 25 which is 1/10 of the price.For all the tales of waiting lists and the $10,000 price tag, would be the Hermes Birkin nevertheless the mother lode of purses when every.other girl at lunch is armed with you? That is true in Asia, especially in Hong Kong and Singapore, in which Birkin bags are as omnipresent as Coach bags are located in the united states. They’re everywhere and in every form–from entry level Birkins to special colours, from croc and ostrich versions to those embellished with crystals. As somebody who’s worked with the socialite crowd, I have also seen cabinets dedicated completely to Birkins.










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