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By | April 15, 2018


The silk twill trend will never end because it’s a part of Hermes’ DNA. Just like the forever-famous Silk Twill Scarves, it’s one of the most favorite accessories among the fashion-obsessed. Last time we’ve also featured the adorable Silk Twill Heart Purses, which is a must-have in our opinion. Another stunning creation is the Silk Shopping Bags. But today we’re going to talk about a new and limited edition design. It’s called the Hermes Set Of Three Pouches from the Petit H Collection.

The Design


One vital thing you need to know about the Set Of Three Pouches is that they’re entirely made from Silk. And it’s the same Silk like the Silk Twill Scarves. So if you’re looking for a high fashion pouch, then perhaps you should stop and consider these gorgeous designs. And after all, it’s three pouches for the prices of one. Now where in the world can you get a deal like that from Hermes?

These Silk Twill Pouches are crafted with buttons that function as a closure. You get three pouches in three different sizes – small, medium and large. Each pouch is embellished with a unique multicolor print. Each print has a meaning and it’s a work of art. The prints are also colorful, so they will attract eyes and attention.

These pouches are ideal to help you carry personal belongings when you’re on a journey. However, you can also carry them when going out or in an important event. It goes well in a colorful dress for the summer as well. The ideas are endless.

The Interior

There is not much excitement about the interior of these pouches. There is just one large space to help you carry stuff. These three pouches are also easy to transport and they will not eat a lot of your space in your bag (or luggage if you’re travelling. You see, you can put each pouch inside another and then fold it.

The Sizes And Prices

There are three pouches, but you get them for one price. Each pouch has different size, see here below:

Hermes Small Silk Twill Pouch
Size: 26 x 15 cm

Hermes Medium Silk Twill Pouch
Size: 35 x 22 cm

Hermes Large Silk Twill Pouch
Size: 46 x 29 cm

The price of the set of three pouches is £370 GBP via Hermes Kelly Bag 50cm Replica boutiques.

More Styles




You will find luxury goods, and then there is the Birkin bag in the French company Hermes. It has been an elusive status symbol for 30 decades, but it’s also always mysteriously out of stock.Deemed to be among the planet’s most valuable luxury brands, Hermes has proven to surpass the luxury brand industry, while establishing new trends and immortalizing their iconic products. It’s continued to emphasize the value of hand craftsmanship and has continued to pay tribute to its own history. Over the design, the innovation, along with the creative minds behind Hermes, the brand has withstood the challenges of modern markets, the requirements of the industry, along with the tightening competition all because of its history that exceeds another brand in the luxury market.The Hermes Fashion House was established in Paris as a harness making shop in 1837 by Thierry Hermes (1801-1878). Hermès first launched the family business for a harness shop in the Grands Boulevards quarter of Paris. The store served European noblemen, creating wrought iron bridles and harnesses for carriages. His clients were the stylish Parisian “beau monde” and European royalty including Napoléon III and his empress, Eugénie. The expansion included the production of saddles and they started a new place close to the Palais de l’Elysee. In 1937, Hermes opened its own scarf (or carre) factory in Lyon. Robert Dumas-Hermes succeeded the direction of Hermes from the 1950s and has been iconic for presenting Hermes ties– nevertheless the most desirable ties in the world. Moreover, the duc-carriage-with-horse emblem, bolduc (the renowned ribbon!) And signature orange boxes have been introduced in 1961. The Hermes horse-and-carriage logo was inspired by the artwork of Alfred de Dreux.

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