Look At The Extraordinary Piece Haute Bijouterie collection from Hermes

By | January 26, 2016

French fashion house Hermes is a barometer of quality; one of the few companies still manufacturing their products by hand in ateliers, everything they do takes time, passion and care. Which is good news for those who love jewelry; the company have just unveiled a stunning haute bijouterie collection.

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Designed by Pierre Hardy for his Haute Bijouterie collection and first seen in 2012, Hermes have taken the iconic Kelly bag to another level and turned it into the ultimate luxury item. Only three of these luxury handbags have been produced (believing in accurate data!). Made from solid rose gold moulded to look like crocodile skin and embellished with 1160 diamonds, the luxury handbag brand can be carried or worn as a bracelet and it opens fully – although it is so small you’d be pushed to fit much more than a lipstick or set of keys in!

If you are a collector of Hermes bags, then this extraordinary piece is bound to catch your eye, whether you can get hold of one is another matter altogether – and with a price tag of almost $2 million you may just have to be satisfied with looking at pictures of it.

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