A Look At The Past and Present Balenciaga Bags We Loved

By | November 5, 2016

After the debut of the brand’s signature Motorcyle Bag design well over a decade ago,Balenciaga bags instantly became a cult favorite because of its edgy, lightweight design and popularity with stylish celebs like Kate Moss, having an intresting spot in the world of handbags.


In the Photos Wearing Your BBags thread, you can admire thousands of Balenciaga bags online dating back to the first BBags ever released, and it’s also a place to get a feeling for the sizes of Balenciaga’s many shapes and styles, as modeled by members of our PurseForum.


In the early- and mid-2000s, Balenciaga stoked demand by releasing the bags in new candy colors every season, and these rare beauties are still sought-after today; just ask our PurseForum members how desirable Balenciaga bags can be.

As we continue our periodic endeavor to explore the PurseForum, we delved into the Balenciaga subforum. This thread is over 400 pages long, so to get you started, we’ve picked out some of the most gorgeous Balenciaga bags it contains.

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