Replica Miu Miu Leather Totes: The Comeback

By | February 18, 2016

What a great new shape for Miu Miu bag sale! Their entire Spring ’15 collection feels simultaneously nostalgically thrown-back in spirit yet so fresh, so invigorated. Which basically sums up this latest leather tote.

There is definitely something familiar about this shape, almost comfortingly so, but it’s hard to articulate. It’s not exactly vintage, and it’s got a slight ’90s vibe, although I can’t quite put my finger on why.


The conclusion is who cares?! I love it, and when you love something, you don’t always need to get to the root of your affinity. But I will explain it. The tapered top not only sets up a triangular structure, it gives the bag a real sense of distinction. And don’t fret over the possibility of bottlenecking. This Replica Miu Miu tote opens up wide, so that won’t happen here. All that’s left to do is decide whether you want the oversized weave, which actually feels a bit Cole Haan-esque but does add more textural interest, or to go with smooth, all-black leather for ultimate versatility.

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