Selena Gomez Lays Tons of Bags From Louis Vuitton

By | November 3, 2016

The ads of Louis Vuitton include new runway versions of recent brand favorites like the Twist, City Steamer and Petite Malle, as well as LV’s big seasonal debut bag, the boxy Cruiser Bag.

The PurseBlog team is a tad sluggish this afternoon, and we’re betting many of you are, too. Luckily, Louis Vuitton has been kind of enough to provide us with some eye candy in the form of its Fall 2016 ad campaign, featuring lots of models, plenty of handbags and a heaping helping of Selena Gomez, who mostly blends in with the runway-walking pack.


As we all know, Louis Vuitton is a handbag and luggage brand before it is anything else, so while these Bruce Weber-lensed photos emphasize Nicolas Ghesquiere’s ready-to-wear more than some previous campaigns, the focus is still squares on the accessories.


Under the circumstance,this Post-holiday doldrums are very real, and that’s doubly true when it’s a summer holiday weekend that encourages outdoor debauchery, sunshine and lots of cheap beer.So feel free to zone out a bit by check out this lovely photos from Selena Gomez.

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