Take A Look At The Cute And Adorable Balenciaga Smart Phone Pouch

By | April 27, 2016

As far as cases or covers for the iPhone4 for are concerned, we are truly spoilt for choice. From cheap tacky plastic ones you get at mall carts for under 10 bucks to designer ones in leather that cost hundreds, most of us often end up buying two, three, even four or more cases/covers till we find the one that actually works.


Simply called the beautiful Balenciaga Smart Phone Pouch, they will fit the iPhone4 snugly, as well as some other smart phones in the market. What’s more alluring is perhaps the fact that the pouch is so immediately recognisable, complete with hardware, leather tabs and zipper. Available in almost all of the season’s new colours, as well as recurring shades. Also stunning, the ones in Cyclamen and Anthracite for the girls and the boys respectively.

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