Take A Look At Replica Prada Fall Winter 2016 Runway Bag Collection

By | March 24, 2016

Everything from necklaces to belt and handbags, Prada is trying to get ahead of the curve. We noticed some remarkable accessories that are worth talking about – the Prada F/W 2016 Runway is excellent way to get some insight about the new releases.

When we saw this, we were like: ‘What?’. But to make things clear, she is carrying a round-necklace that is attached to a note book/clutch bag or an agenda. We’re just guessing for now, but the necklace is then attached to a blue leather strap.


You can see another one with the same notebook or clutch bag On Sale but then wrapped around a large belt. The belt is brown and its very notable on the front. The same leather strap as on the neck of the model as well as the same mini book is attached.

Okay wait, there is more of course. Besides necklaces and belts, Prada also introduces brand-new handbags that make your jaw drop. Like in all tote bags, this is one is also embellished with the beautiful Prada Logo. The side of this bag betrays the interior and its compartments. First of all, it has a stunning wave effect and the interior is certainly going to be roomy.


More bags reviews you should be aware of. Prada is going to play with hardware to design impressive pieces that stand-out from the crowd. And again, note the mini book on the top. More hardware embellishment and this one have somekind-of a vintage look. It’s refined with golden hardware, painted in black on the top and red on the bottom.

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