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By | April 15, 2018


This post has two purposes. First is to talk about the canvas of the Hermes Herbag Zip Bag, because it’s not just one type of Canvas. It’s not that simple. Secondly we want to share some images of what’s available for this season. So let’s get it started.

The Hermes Bags Nordstrom Replica Canvas

The Herbag Zip Bag resembles the Kelly Bag, which is why it’s so famous. You might need to get on the waiting list to get the Kelly Bag, but the Herbag Zip Bag is sometimes available via Hermes’s official website. Sometimes you can find it at the boutiques, but the demand for the Herbag Zip Bag is huge, so there might be a waiting list for it as well.

One of the reason why the Herbag Zip Bag is less expensive than the Kelly Bag is because if the material its made from. It’s crafted from canvas and cowhide leather. The body (which is the biggest part) is built from canvas while the top part and the handle is made from real leather. But here is the thing; the canvas is not just canvas. There are different kinds available, but it can only be seen if we zoom-in to search for the details.

Here let us give you two examples. One Herbag Zip Bag is made from Officier Canvas and the other Bag is made from Berline Canvas. You can recognize the difference if you zoom-in on the patterns.


This is the Officier Canvas. This Canvas is much more smoother and feels finer.


This is the Berline Canvas. This Canvas feels grainier.

So can you spot the difference yet?

The Design

A quick talk about the design. Just like we’ve said, the body is made from canvas but the top is crafted from leather. It comes with long straps for shoulder or cross body carry, but of course toting is also a good option. The front features the Clou de Selle closure, which is a signature piece. The back comes with an outside backpocket.

The front is attached with a key bell and inside the iconic Hermes Bags Made Of Replica Kelly Lock.

The Interior


When you open the bag, you will be surprised with an internal pouch, which is removable. Then there is one main compartment to help you store your belongings. You can use this bag as an everyday bag, it’s too beautiful to leave it at home. Don’t you think?

The Prices And Sizes

Current the price is $2550 USD regardless what type of canvas the bag is made from. We will not update the price here, so please check the Hermes Bag Prices Page for the latest prices.

More Images And Colors

Popular blogger Bagaholicboy who hails from Singapore had this to say: “Truth be told, I’m honestly still puzzled why the Birkin remains so coveted. Yes, it seems to be the most coveted bag in Singapore and around the area, and each month that I get 10 fresh snapshots of Birkins from their proud owners from South East Asia.” But he points out that to lots of people, that the Birkin is a handbag is beside the point. It reflects achievement, achievement and standing. “It is still the ultimate status symbol, for first-timers who save for weeks on end to purchase their first very Birkin to those seasoned collectors that have to have every new color or size within their wardrobe. Because the Birkin is more than only a bag, it is a lifestyle” They’re formally the newest trendy girls in town. According to a financial report released by Hermès, the three handbag designs contributed to the the organization’s 16.3 percent increase in sales this year in the leather-goods and saddlery class. “The development has been supported by the continuing pace of production and the increase in skills at the 3 sites from Charente, Isère and Franche-Comté,” an announcement from the company reads. At the constant exchange rate (the operation number without the consequences of rate fluctuation), the organization as a whole saw a 7.2 percent increase in earnings from the first half 2016, mostly because of purses, but also thanks to recent cologne launches. By comparison, ready-to-wear showed a small decrease.Back into the bags: The Halzan made its debut about the fall 2014 runway. The tote rings in at $4,600 on the internet and comes in black, white, navy, green, and timeless Hermès orange. It’s a convertible style which may be worn as a tote, clutch, or shoulder bag.







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