Top Quality Gucci Pre-Fall 2017 Ad Campaign Featuring The GG Garmont Belt Bag Low Price Replica Bags

By | February 2, 2018


Gucci Pre-Fall 2017 Campaign brings us back to the colorful golden days of the 60s. With over the top, ostentatious, and gaudy ensembles inspired by the boisterous spirit of England’s underground Northern Soul movement, the Campaign is already making rounds in the fashion industry.

If you’re a lover of all things eccentric and garish, the Pre-Fall 2017 Ad Campaign of Gucci will surely be an eye candy for you to feast on. Featuring the mystery that envelopes the planet Saturn, the dramatic emotions of an enraged cat and the aggressiveness of fire-breathing dragons, this campaign is definitely a world’s away. What caught the attention of many would be the fact also that Gucci used people of color for its short video teaser, stirring the minds of fashion critics.

With the title “Soul Scene”, Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2017 Campaign was a byproduct of Alessandro Michele’s genius. He took inspiration from several artists and era and combined them into a lyrical fashion that people still can relate to. One particular bag which caught our attention would be the vintage-inspired GG Garmont Belt Bag.

Sporting the same matelasse leather with a chevron design and the iconic GG interlocking logo in antique gold-tone hardware, this Belt Bag proves to be sassy chic. Aside from its exquisite street-smart design, this belt bag proves to be useful as well especially when you’re out and about, determined to go on a shopping spree in cities such as Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Bali, Tokyo, etc.



It’s most reminiscent of the brand’s logo fabric, but just like everything else Michele does, it is going to come in a lot of different versions. Check out the full collection below.Thinking about Gucci Handbags Zipper Replica luggage makes me feel a good deal like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, just I’m not scared of lions, tigers and bears. Rather, I am lusting for Marmonts, Dionysuses and Sylvies (oh my). What will I choose? That is where you come in, my friends. Help a sister out!I’ve been lusting for a new bag for months now. The problem is, I can’t make my mind up on what I need. For a little while I had my heart set on something from Gucci’s Marmont Collection. Céline’s Mini Belt Bag held my attention for approximately 24 hours, also, and for a while, I considered adding a Saint Laurent piece to my group. Poor Megs has become the target of a lot of “what about this bag?” Texts, and even though her and I’ve decided my next bag is definitely going to be a Gucci, I need your help!Gucci is one of the hottest, if not the hottest, tote brands at the game at this time, and I’m super duper excited to add another Gucci to my rotation. However, the more I look, the more confused I get. Everything that Gucci is doing now is really excellent. The Sylvie bags are completely cute, but I believe I have pretty much narrowed my selections to either a Marmont Flap Bag in white or black, or a Dionysus Supreme Shoulder tote in black. If it concerns the Dionysus, I am also unsure about which dimensions. I’m drawn to the little, but the medium (the largest offering of this group) is just $140 more! It seems silly not to pick the greatest dimensions, given the small price gap. I also kinda dig out the red version too, but I would probably regret not buying it. Can you see my problem today? I am arguably the most all-over-the-place, indecisive shopper–HELP! In the event that you had to select one, which would it be?


























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