2017 Cruise Collection, Chanel multicolor flap bag

By | February 13, 2017

In a new year, are you still wear the bag of 2016 ? New collection of Chanel has been hosted the collection’s runway show and sale at bag market. This year, creative director Karl Lagerfeld got particularly ambitious: he pinned the collection to Cuba, which had only months prior announced it would open itself more to the world than it had in decades. Lagerfeld knows a press opportunity when he sees it, even if Cuba’s high poverty levels and history of oppression were a difficult backdrop for an extremely high-end fashion show.

We have learned from abover. The Chanel Cruise 2017 Collection is mostly inspired by the culture of Cuba, so you can expect a lot of bags in multicolor. Here, I introduce the Chanel flap bag in multicolor. As we all know, Chanel 2.55 flap bag is calssic in the collection of Chanel. New element ooze in the vintage flap bag every year. This year, I saw a full-new Chanel multicolor flap bag. The design is still same with the classic flap bag. But the detai of flap bag place different color to consist of a special flap bag in 2017.

Chanel multicolor flap bag is different of course, especially the colors. However, how many times have Chanel crafted such a multicolor bag with black and green on the flap edges, green and red on the bottom, and the CC logo highlighted in red. It’s just a unique style. Sheepskin with silver metal chain handle, you can shoulder and slanting back. One flat zipper pocket inside. The silver tone hardware make this bag more elegant and gorgeous. And sheepskin inside.

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