Reviewing The Boy Chanel Chain Around Quilted Woc

By | November 15, 2016

We are of course talking about the Boy Cheap Chanel Chain Around Quilted Wallet On Chain Bag when it comes to the new Chanel Wallet on Chain Bag that’s making us happy and is the reason why we are wearing this smile from ear to ear.


We are digging the look of this newest Chanel WOC.The metal blue color is something fresh to look at, the color is actually cool to the eyes .The diamond quilting effect is a trademark for which Chanel is known for and it further does justice to this wallet on chain. Generally speaking,it looks effortlessly elegant and chic in all the right angles.


So what’s worth the rave about this Chanel WOC?Featuring the new boy clasp, the beautiful boyish chain crafted around the edges of the front flap, this is the new thing – a seasonal piece that once you’ve bought it, it’s yours forever. And because it seasonal, you will be one of the few to own it. It has a beautiful CC closure on the front and at the same time it is embellished and even made more beautiful with chains around the edges of the front flap. Talk about owning an edgier WOC and you’re sure to rule the fashion world!

The style code for this Wallet is A583221, measuring 4.5’ x 7.5’ x 1.4’ inches.