Reviewing The Desirable Replica Chanel Flat Quilted Metallic Pouches

By | November 8, 2016

Considering the best friend of woman,it might come in the form of diamonds, bags and shoes, but did you ever think about that she could find a friend in a pouch either? The flat quilted pouches from Chanel would propably play this special role.Measuring 11′ x 21′ x 10.5′ inches,this metallic Chanel flat quilted pouch is everything you could ever desire in a pouch.


You might ask what makes it special? What’s in a pouch anyway? A traveler and a make up junkie know this is an essential in their everyday bag. As a traveler,you need to stash your essentials and toiletries inside a pouch such as tiny lotion, perfume, and creams while a make up junkie makes use of a pouch by putting all your make up trinkets inside such as lipsticks, mascaras, powder, and blushes to name a few.


It is sleek and it features a flat quilting, which is a break from the traditional thick quilting that Chanel is known for. The CC charm on the zipper is also an added bonus! It looks like a royal Roman crown leaves up close.